Micro manufacturing 3D printing

Exaddon – changing the future of micromanufacturing.

The cutting-edge additive micromanufacturing technology (µAM) of Exaddon produces minute metal objects in 3D, starting at a few micrometers in size up to several hundreds of micrometers. µAM offers an extensive range of solutions for additive micromanufacturing for research and industry.


Can an impossible object be 3D printed, even impossibly small? The answer is: Yes, if you take an impossible object design and combine it with micro 3D printing technology.



CERES – Pinpoint-accurate 3D metal printing system in microscale


CERES is a stand-alone system that prints complex and pure metal objects at the micrometer scale with a submicrometer resolution. As a side function, it writes patterns with liquids and nanoparticles that can be made of different materials.


CERES System characteristics:
-100 x 70 x 60 total max. chamber space (in mm)
-Up to 200 µm/s process speed
-XY ± 250 nm & Z ± 5 nm positioning precision
-3D metal printing rate is up to 4 µm per second (process depending)
-Size range per object is 0.1µms to 1mm