Israel’s leading Semiconductor,
nano fabrication, process equipment and materials representative.

PicoTech proudly represents some of the most significant and innovative companies in the following fields:
Precision Optics &
Coating Materials
We proudly represent some of the most significant and innovative companies:

Welcome to Picotech


PicoTech LTD is a  leading supplier of products and services. An experienced team of experts forms together Israel’s leading Semiconductor, nanofabrication, process equipment, microassembly and materials representative. With more than 35 years of experience, PicoTech is the most stable and reliable partner to its customers, with a highly trained and professional team, proven ability to offer a superior product portfolio and support infrastructure to over thousands of installed tools in the field. Our portfolio of principles includes the most advanced and leading manufacturers in the industry.

PicoTech offers its complete suite of sales and after sales support to manufacturers as their extension in Israel.




      ycoGg8acE Does business with all Academies and industry segments

      ycoGg8acE Is ranked #1 in service with customers

      ycoGg8acE Always does business with a smile


We offer high-precision robotic solutions to interact with and characterize samples down to the nanometer scale. Based on a unique motion technology, positioning probes with our robots and maintaining stable electrical contacts has never been so easy. The high modularity of our solutions provides considerable flexibility for deep integration with a variety of microscopy and test equipment, enabling efficient measurement workflows.

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     Email: [email protected]


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