Our team’s vast experience in selling and support of Lithography tools, enables Picotech to have a superior understanding of trends end technologies in a field of Lithography. We closely follow the new developments in the field and bring the most advanced solutions to our customers. PicoTech represents a complete range of lithography tools supporting critical dimensions from nanometers to micron range.

SEM with e-Beam


TESCAN, the innovative Scanning Electron Microscope manufacturer also offers complete instrument solutions for Electron Beam Lithography. EBL has long been established as the premier technique for creating structures at the nanoscale as it allows creation of very small structures on the photo resist. This method was developed for manufacturing integrated circuits, spintronics and optoelectronics structures  etc. by controling the beam generated inside the SEM column. TESCAN delivers extraordinary lithographic performance on its own high performance SEM, the combination of which ensures first class performance due to full integration with hardware. As typical for all TESCAN products, the TESCAN EBL PACKAGE provides the best price performance ratio when compared to competitors´ solutions. Read more