Please take the time to explore some of the SMT suppliers that we represent.





Germany, Rework and Micro Assembly Systems


Finetech offers innovative equipment solutions for nearly every kind of rework or micro assembly challenge, including the latest advanced packages. Finetech offers a flexible approach to customer support and welcomes the opportunity to create customized, effective solutions for specific applications.


Company products:

  • Advanced rework stations
  • Micro assembly stations





USA, Fluid dispensing equipment


Nordson ASYMTEK supplies fluid dispensing and conformal coating equipment that are supported by a global service network. Recognized for our innovative dispenser and coating systems, we offer customer-inspired solutions in a range of industries.


Company products:

  • Fluid Dispensing Systems
  • Conformal Coating Equipment
  • Fluid Dispensing Accessories







Germany, Inspection Systems


Viscom develops, builds, and markets premium quality automatic optical and X-ray inspection systems for industrial production. In addition to assembly inspection and semiconductor inspection, customer-specific solutions are also realized. Especially in the printed circuit board inspection sector, Viscom holds a position of global leadership.


Company products:

  • PCB inspection
  • X-Ray inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection





CMS Laser
USA, Laser PCB scribing and marking


The award winning, fourth generation of Control Micro Systems industry leading PCB laser marking systems introduces significantly improved speed, accuracy, ease of operation, and integration. Unlike our competitors, we provide PCB laser marking performance specially tailored to each customer’s unique needs in high-performance, reliable and cost-effective package. Our systems can be stand alone or can be integrated into your already automated production line. Systems can be designed to use automatic stackers, flippers, or any other kind of part handling system.


Company products:

  • PCB laser marking
  • Dual side PCB laser marking
  • PCB de paneling / singulation





France, Reflow ovens, thermal solutions


Exelsius is a leading provider of advanced thermal solutions that enhance the yield of electronics assembly.
From back-end semiconductor packaging through printed circuit board assembly to organic and printed electronics, we offer not only a wide range of thermal equipment but also lines or sections of lines integrating world-class equipment that we distribute in several territories.


Company products:

  • Reflow ovens
  • IR Curing
  • Convection Curing
  • UV Curing





JOT Automation
Finland, Board handling products


JOT Automation was founded in 1988, since then billions of mobile phones have been manufactured with the help of our solutions. The airbags in your car may have been assembled with our manufacturing solution. We operate in Europe, Americas and Asia and employ in excess of 300 people in 13 countries. JOT Automation is part of Head Invest Group, Finnish industrial company owned by JOT founder Veikko Lesonen and his family.


Company products:

  • PCB Conveyors
  • PCB Buffers
  • PCB Gates and Bridges
  • PCB Stackers
  • PCB Magazines





Germany, Soldering consumables


Felder is an innovative company that specializes in soldering technology. Using the latest production processes, we guarantee a high and consistent quality for our solders and fluxes.


Company products:

  • NiGe-Electronic solder
  • Electronic solders and desoxidation material
  • Electronic flux for wave and selective soldering machines
  • High temperature solders and high melting point solders
  • SMD-solder pastes and fluxes